Thursday, 9 June 2011


It was about 5:00am .My aunt woke me up and said to sleep beside my brother namely CHINNU who is about 11 months of age .

She said me to do so as she had some work to do.I did the same .Then after sometime i woke up to see if he is fine.(so...caring na... :-) ). H e was good.I fell asleep again.Then started my dreams on chinnu. In that dream, chinnu woke up suddenly and turned into a MINI ROBO...!!! It started roaming the whole floor.It roamed and walked and roamed and walked...After sometime he transformed into half human.It means that he is now half robo and half human.I started playing with him.W e played a lot.He went to each door, peeped inside and shouted CHEATER...( i dint understand this situation) lol... :p We did it for about 3times.After that we danced the whole floor. Had fun. Now ends the dream. I was smiling in real. Then, it was about 5:30am. Then,chinnu touched my cheeks with his delicate, smooth hand with a smile on his face.

As i opened my eyes,he was infront of me smiling harder. I got up from my bed. We played .Here is one interesting point about him. Whenever he see anyone with good hair, he grabs the hair out with his mouth. He did the same with me. He can't control himself from doing so.He yells out harder if anyone stops him from doing so.When he grabed my hair, i smoothly took his sands off my head. Then, he tried to divert my attention towards other things. Waited for a good oppurtunity and again grabbed my hair.....!!!!! what an intelligence i say...He did the same again. Today's children have become too intelligent.They donot want to work hard but expect good results. For that, they choose a simple way....ACTING really works out......Too advanced brains with lots of technology grasping power, acting smart, handsome in personality, even naughty sometimes....these are the qualities of the present 21st century children....HATSOFF TO THE PRESENT GENERATION...

Now, coming to chinnu, when known about his astrology, it conveyed that he will become a most romantic person...(lol :p )but a great personality even...It says that he is ambitious, sharp minded, too stubborn, modern guy :-) I hope ge turns into a good person and help the needy in times of need...HAPPINESS WHICH WE EXPERIENCE BY DOING GOOD DEEDS IS THE TRUE HAPPINESS....

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


The next day i had my botany exam.The day before i worked so hard that i kept studying the whole day with very minute breaks.I kept studying till 1.00am but fell asleep without my notice.(Normally when i sleep studying without my influence any one of my friends come into my dreams and they wake me up by shouting at me.this is true...i have experienced it for 4 times.But this time it didn't happen so).I was woken up suddenly by the sounds ofsharp breezes as it was about to rain.When i saw the clock it ticked 2 o' clock.My mind has reached its maximum to grasp anything.It was not ready to grasp somemore.So,i closed the books, got onto bed and fell asleep with-in-a minute.
It was 4:59 am when i got senses. I was just thinking to go straight and keep studying (as i was left out with 2 parts of my syllabus) or to have a look at the watch and sleep again lazily.Then, the alarm alert tone rung hard...(i guess my dad fixed it for you dad...<3). So,i went straight and started studying.But at about 5:20am i guess,my eyes closed instantly.This must be the the result of my late night study.( i had to say you about the night incident to convey this point). Again,i got senses at 5:45am.But between 5:20am and 5:45am A LOT HAPPENED. I got a dream.In that i was brushing my teeth at my spot as i do every morning.Then from the grill,a man requested me to play with his small white PONIES(ponies- younger ones of horses).Strange ..isn't it...That person's face was clumpsy.I couldn,t remember it.Then he left white horses on my lap and got out of my site.Small beautiful ponies...whitish body...smooth hair...tender skin....tender toes...Those ponies played a lot on my lap.Played and played and played and played...and played ...felt restless and fell asleep.Iwas smoothening their tender skin with a beautiful smile on my face:-) I was feeling as if iam the most happiest person of this millenium.The charm on my face remained persisent throught my dream. I felt as if my heart had lost its weight.The happiness in growing pets...i experienced in my dream. I felt so much attached to them at my heart.I was happy...very much happy.(But you see the face of those horses lokked just like dog's face.Donno why...may be a defect...). Suddenly the ponies starting slipping from my lap.I was picking them up and placing on my lap.But they slipped down again...this happened for about 5 times. In the meantime my mind was transferring from dreamworld to the realworld. Iopened my eyes.To my surprise,i found that the sensation of ponies slipping from my lap was due to the movement of my dreaa on my skin due to air...:p. I felt sad that it was just a dream..not true..:-( . But the happiness which i experienced in my dream remained throughtout my day.I couldn't help myself from smiling...( the wholeday you know...!!!). I was happy.

A point to be noted:- I always get bad dreams like someone murdering someone,helicopter crashes,devils,death od dearones,bad incidentrs by which i even cry in real thinking that iam crying in dream.But this is the first time i guess,that i got a very pleasant,beautifu,dream which made my day. :-) .Feeling happy for the change.