Friday, 20 May 2011

Sati sahagamana

why do u follow the practice of sathi,
if unfortunately ends the life of her pathi.

Why do u behave so much cruel.
did HE(god) say you to follow such an evil.

Did she commit a folly by being his wife,
then why are you spoiling her most valuable life.

He is burnt on the funeralpyre peacefully,
but she is forced into the funeralpyre horribly.
fogeys feel that it is done correclty,
but people who are humane shake their heads regretfully.

Is it a folly from the legacies of the society,
or is it the sin of the mystical god almighty.

those who kill their own parents are considered PARRICIDES,
those who kill their own brothers or sisters are considered FRATRICIDES,
but those who follow this practice should be considered SOCIETY'S PARASITES.

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