Friday, 20 May 2011

Memorable days...

My summer holidays have now become most memorable days of my life.They are playing a main role for my refreshment and pleasure.Its just because of my GRANNY'S home.It has become my favourite holiday spot.I feel so....happy hanging out there alone.This year i spent 4 parts of my summer vacation there.All the happiness and fun i have been experiencing there is just because of my granny's relations and my friends gang over there.That place became more and more special for me this year.My granny's family....its a very cool,interesting,jovial and funny friends gang over there consists of people younger to me,elder to me,and of my age.Each and everyone is so talented and special.We have a lot of fun.We play cricket( except me:-p),arrange skits,play cards,play funny shows(hahhahaha),tease among ourselves,arrange scaring houses threatening others suddenly...having food together... cracking silly jokes,giving surprises to others shouting out harder at 12 pm in the night if any birthdays or anniversaries...Finally bidding a very sad farewell...:-((...waiting for next summer...:-(. We enjoy this way...These days are most memorable...I hope i have these happy moments every year.Finally i am missing my granny's place and my friends...miss u and love u all my friends...

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  1. Manu, all love their childhood days. I really miss that days .
    Try to gather in holidays
    best wishes